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estd1981 was founded by artist Ricky Saetta. He is an experienced finish carpenter and creative DIY-er. Ricky creates one-of-a-kind pieces that captures the personality of your child, the uniqueness of your home, or the essence of your business.  

After the birth of his daughter, Dakota Gold Saetta. Ricky was inspired to capture her personality and create something as unique as she is. Started with a few art pieces, then progressed into designing a special world for her. Something fun and timeless that she can grow into. 

His work has evolved into a full-fledged custom-art business. Whether it's a sign, furniture, or a nursery, Ricky is inspired to create something unique. His designs are meant to be enjoyed without qualification and loved for a lifetime. 

All pieces are handmade using hardwoods and upcycled materials. Nothing is overlooked, including detailed signature B-sides covered in album art, comic books, and vintage ads.

With Ricky's extreme attention to detail, passion, dedication, and superior craftsmanship, he is always ready to design something special. He is currently available for new projects and looks forward to hearing from you!